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Danish handheld torches are produced to be held in hand for outdoors activities such as gardenpartys or marking of special events 

The torches is made in 4 difrent lenghts of burntime: 90 min. 60 min. 45 min. and 30 min.

pagaging sices are 50/1-  25/1 and some smal cartons w 8 or 10 torches, se the product page for more info 

News. All our torches are produced from 68% recykled materials and 57% of these are CO2 friendly materials

all torches on this page are produced at Fakkelfabrikken (the torchfactory) we take care for the quality and visualy

inspect all torches before pagaging and can document this quality control.

Along with the torches you will get a free card to attach on the handle of each torch for protection of the hand in case that the torch will drip melted wax. the meltingpoint of the wax is 58-62 deg.

The handprotextion card is printed on recykled cardbord with eco friendly ink... naturaly.