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Garden candles

Gardencandles from the torch factory   The gardentorches/candles you find here is special produced for the user who wish LARGE flames and MORE LIGHT than usual

we dont talk ordinary gardencandles but garden torches  
witch gives much more flames hight compared to ordinary carden lights
(the surounding pictures is from our garden torches).

As mesurement we consider a large flame to be more than 10 cm tall or much more. 
Gardentorches are used when effecfull lightning and decoration is wanted for all types of outdors areals. 
Torches can be used in daly coosy lightning but especialy at celebrations and events where a effective and proffesional lightning solution with the wish to ad the captivating coosy orrange light of fire

What is the difrence at light and torch:
Light burn with a stable and a "relative small" flame in the whole lenght of the burntime  
like a ordinary indor candle. 
Torches burns with a much larger flame in the start and after some time the torch will heat up and burn with an much larger flame

and the whole "can" wil act as a large fire/torch. 
You will find special torches having flames to mor than 150 Cm.

Candles (with stable flame sice) have wicks fro 5 to 28 mm in diameter. 
Products such as :  oval. Alu-10. Alu-28. Alu-30 TB-5. and TB-10. )

Torches has wicks from 16 to 28 mm in diameter or more 
Products such as: 500-Gr.  TB-28. and more variants in the "mega" series

Warning : ALWAYS check the saftey adwice and saftey distancees for each light/torch before order/use.