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Handheld torches

Eco torches used for demonstartions, torch trains, for marking something special, garden partys, ect.

We produce these enviremental frendly torches in 4 difrent lenghts/burntimes: 90 Min. 60 Min. (45 Min.) 30 Min. 
Packed 100 pcs.  50 pcs.  25 pcs.k. pr. carton. And some in 8 and 10 pcs. pack.

NEW. Now all our torches are produced of 68% recykled materials and have 57% Co2 neutral materials used. All torches is produced by and at the torchfactory in Denmark with a friendly eye on the enviremental issues. we test ther torches wisualy before packking 

And by the way you get 1 free handprotection card with user advice to put on the handle on each torch you buy. (naturaly its printed on 100% reused paper and with enviremental friendly ink).