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Our danish fireplace is the most robust and durable fireplace you find. We find these fireplaces the most beautyfull on the marked and durability was the goal for these firplaces. the choice of materials alow for best quality and a extremly robust desing. These danish fireplaces are formpresed with 100 tones of hydraulic presure to create the attractive and soft curvy design in a wery thick (5 mm) stellpalte.

Our experience til now: AFTER 10-11 YEARS (one of the first produced fireplaces is still standing tall with no sign that it might not last the double)  a carefull guess is that these might very well last 20+ years.
you realy get value for money that will last for many many years to come.

NB. Pictures af of fresh made fireplaces. In time they will get a rusty surface that looks more natural in the garden. (We dont have them on stock long enough until they get rusty ;-).